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for refugees from war

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Find or
share your ride online

5 steps

Offer your ride
directly in the car

Signs for the car

Stay safe and aware

Safety guidelines

Let‘s collectively open our doors.

5 steps

... to ride together

1/5 — You want to ...

ride along

take along

2/5 — departure time

3/5 — departure point

4/5 — destination

5/5 — shared ride

You can also enter your trip directly at these portals:

These portals display ride-sharing offers here.

Signs / Flyers

to make your initiative visible

Hang this mirror tag in your car and show that you want to offer a ride.

Help to publicize this initiative with the flyer.

Safety guidelines

Stay safe and aware

As a passenger...

  • only ride if you feel safe
  • send the car license plate to friends
  • wait only in safe areas of the road
  • agree on the destination before you set off

As a taker...

  • only let join if you feel safe
  • send passengers name to friends
  • only stop in safe places and do not endanger traffic

These portals display ride-sharing offers here.

Current carpooling opportunities